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Enroll your child in a daycare center that will help him or her develop his or her learning skills, build social relationships with other students, and feel relaxed and comfortable by choosing Lake City, FL’s Pride & Joy Childcare. Since 1987, Pride & Joy Childcare has been offering quality child care and afterschool care for youngsters at preschool age. Our curriculum focuses on the development of the “whole child” and skills he or she will use in school and in social situations throughout the duration of his or her life.

If you're looking for a child care center or a local preschool in the Lake City, FL region, be sure to visit Pride & Joy Childcare. We want to see your child grow and develop.

"I Love this daycare it's the best!!!! And it has awesome loving teachers." 
★★★★★ -K. Nylah

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Local Preschool Lake City, FL

Also offering summer programs for kids.

Pride & Joy Childcare takes care of your children all year round. Our summer programs combine the fun of vacation with learning and education. If you need somewhere to send your child over the summer, check out our summer programs! Your child will enjoy visits to the zoo, the library, and other fun Lake City, FL activities. We also cover science, math, art, and motor skills training. We're committed to helping your child grow and learn in a safe, nurturing environment.

In addition to developing the learning and social skills of your children, Pride & Joy Childcare also works to build a strong bond with parents and other family members. We want parents to feel excited about the development of their children at Pride & Joy Childcare.

The staff at Pride & Joy Childcare is carefully chosen for their experience and ability to work closely with children. All staff members must have a Child Development Associate Credential and more than 10 hours of training. Only the best and most skilled instructors work with children at Pride & Joy Childcare.
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Parents can trust that their children will receive the most personal, safe, and helpful child care services at Pride & Joy Childcare. For more information about our child care programs, summer programs and daycare center services, call Pride & Joy Childcare at 386-401-8516. Our daycare facility is located at 640 NW Madison in Lake City, FL. Ask about setting up a tour of our facility or learn more about the best daycare services in Lake City, FL.

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